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Philanthropic Opportunities

The Wildlife Conservation Board is providing matching funds to the UC Natural Reserve System for the construction of facilities. Through this program, UC San Diego is eligible for a 1:1 match up to $1 million now through July 2020. This match will be used to construct a much-needed new facility on the Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve in Mission Bay focused on research and education.


Currently, there is a 55-year-old antiquated trailer in the reserve that no longer meets the research needs of the university and local students, and cannot safely accommodate groups of any size. Through the generous contributions of philanthropists like you, UC San Diego will build a new facility to house our research and public education programs so we can maximize their impact.

The new building will feature:

  • A large multipurpose room to serve as a workplace, classroom for local students, community room, or event space
  • A module to house overnight researchers, including a work area, office space, and facilities to secure expensive equipment
  • Roll-up glass windows and a large deck, serving as an outdoor classroom, bird-watching overlook, a gathering spot during community events, and offering a pristine view of Mission Bay
  • Food preparation and reception areas
  • ADA compliance

Support Kendall-Frost

With your philanthropic support to construct this new facility, Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve will be a major catalyst to study, understand, educate, and engage the public about vital environmental services. San Diego faces many environmental risks, but solutions are within our grasp, from water quality improvement to climate adaptation to rising sea levels, and to student engagement in science, assuring leadership for our future. Understanding these solutions requires community engagement and support of the marsh, and having a safe and modern place to learn and conduct research.

Thank you for joining us in this critical, high-impact effort.

To learn more about supporting the new field research and education building and the marsh, please contact:

Anne Harris
Senior Executive Director
University Development
(858) 246-1805 |

Chris Sickels
Senior Director of Development
Division of Biological Sciences
(858) 246-1805 |

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