• Students of all ages and from any institution may visit the Reserves if their use is academically appropriate and compatible with the natural area.
  • Instructors of university- and college-level courses should apply for a Class permit through RAMS.
  • Instructors of K-12 and continuing education classes should apply for a Public use permit via RAMS.
  • Undergraduate and Graduate college- and university-level students may propose independent research supervised through their own institution.  Additionally, NRS academic staff (Kay, Henter) can also supervise undergraduate research through UCSD programs (see below) and advise on graduate research projects.  See below for more information on existing programs.

Undergraduate Students

Getting involved in research as an undergraduate is a way to apply your knowledge and jump start your career.  If you are interested in graduate school, doing a research project is a great introduction. But even if you are not interested in a research-oriented career, an NRS project is still a good idea. You will gain work experience, develop a network of contacts, demonstrate your ability to function as part of a team, and have fun! But maybe most importantly, as a research intern you will generate new information about our local environment. Your work could relate to such important issues as climate change, invasive species, or restoration ecology. So – get involved! 

Graduate students

  • Graduate classes, group- and independent-research are carried out at the UC San Diego-managed reserves, as well as the others throughout the state. 
  • The Mildred E. Mathias Graduate Student Research Grant Program announces available funds for research at any of the NRS reserves throughout the state annually, generally during the Fall quarter.  See: http://www.ucnrs.org/grants/mathias-grant.html for more information.