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Faculty and Staff

  • Richard (Dick) Norris

    Richard (Dick) Norris

    NRS Faculty Director

    rnorris [at] 

  • David Holway

    David Holway

    Elliott Reserve Faculty Advisor

    dholway [at] 

  • Heather Henter

    Heather Henter

    Executive Director

    hhenter [at] 

  • Isabelle Kay

    Isabelle Kay

    Reserves Manager

    ikay [at]

  • Jen Smith

    Jen Smith

    Scripps Reserve Faculty Advisor

    smithj [at] 

  • Josh Kohn

    Josh Kohn

    Dawson Reserve Faculty Advisor

    jkohn [at] 

  • Larry Cozzens

    Larry Cozzens

    Reserve Steward

    cozzens [at] 
  • Ryan Hechinger

    Ryan Hechinger

    Faculty Advisor, Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve

    rhechinger [at]