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Donate to Natural Reserve System

There are many ways you can support the UC San Diego Natural Reserve System:

Roy Little Conservation Fund Internship

An undergraduate student will continue the late Roy Little’s legacy of community engagement and education. The student will assist Natural Reserve System staff, researchers, teachers and others collecting vital data about Kendall-Frost Marsh and will help us communicate those findings and the importance of the marsh to the community. Your support will help us continue this internship program uninterrupted into the future.


kendall-frost marsh students
kendall-frost marsh

Kendall-Frost Marsh Field Station and Community Learning Center

In spring 2023 we broke ground for a new building at the Kendall-Frost Marsh that will support researchers, educators and community members engaging with the marsh. The building will include a multipurpose room and outdoor deck that will allow students to stage experiments, researchers to give public lectures and community members to plan citizen science projects. Your support of this important project will enable the addition of amenities such as sturdy sails to shade the deck on the east side of the building.


UC San Diego Natural Reserve System Fund

General operational support of the UC San Diego Natural Reserve System is vital to programmatic continuity. Help us develop education and outreach initiatives, maintain ecological integrity and facilitate research at each of our San Diego sites:

Dawson Los Monos Canyon Reserve

Elliott Chaparral Reserve

Kendall-Frost Marsh Reserve

Scripps Coastal Reserve