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Potential Faculty Advisors

Division of Biological Sciences, Section of Ecology, Behavior, and Evolution

Chao, Lin, Professor 
Evolutionary processes in microbes: bacteria and their viruses.

Cleland, Elsa, Assistant Professor
Responses of plant communities and ecosystems to global environmental changes; restoration of native plant communities.

Holway, David, Associate Professor 
Ecological basis of invasive species. Argentine Ants, Fire Ants - California.

Kohn, Joshua, Professor and Chair
Plant population biology; mating system evolution; ecological genetics.

Kurle, Carolyn, Assistant Professor

Nieh, James, Professor 
Evolution of animal language: symbolic communication in highly social bees; sensory physiology and mechanisms of multi-modal communication; bioacoustics; Cyborg bee project.

Rifkin, Scott, Assistant Professor

Roy, Kaustuv, Professor 
Physical and biotic controls on the distribution and diversity of species in benthic marine ecosystems.

Shurin, Jonathan, Associate Professor 

Wills, Christopher, Professor Emeritus 
Molecular evolution; genetic variation at DNA level.

Woodruff, David, Professor 
Conservation and evolutionary biology; speciation; genetics of endangered species.

Geology Department

Tauxe, Lisa, Professor
Geology and paleomagnetism, field methods

History Department

Hineline, Mark, Lecturer
History of environmental science, phenology

Natural Reserve System

Henter, Heather, Academic Coordinator

Isabelle Kay, Reserve Manager 

Scripps Institution of Oceanography

Teranes, Jane, Academic Coordinator
Advisor for ESYS major

Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Biology

Ballance, Lisa, Adjunct Professor 

Burton, Ron, Professor

Dayton, Paul, Professor 

Deheyn, Dimitri, Associate Project Scientist

Levin, Lisa, Professor

Norris, Richard, Professor

Ohman, Mark, Professor

Parnell, Ed, Associate Project Scientist

Rouse, Greg, Professor

Sandin, Stuart, Assistant Professor

Smith Jennifer, Assistant Professor

Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Earth Science

Cook, Geoff, Lecturer 

Driscoll, Neal, Professor

Gee, Jeff, Professor

Tauxe, Lisa, Professor

Guza, Robert, Professor 

Scripps Institution of Oceanography - Environmental Chemistry

Dickson, Andrew, Professor 

Russell, Lynn, Professor

Urban Studies and Planning Department

Pezzoli, Keith, Academic Coordinator
Advisor for USP Senior Sequence